Membership Roster of the Brule/Buffalo LEPC



Section 1


Chairman                                   Katheryn Benton (EMT-P)

                                                            Brule/Buffalo L.E.P.C.

                                                            300 S. Courtland St. Suite 106

                                                            Chamberlain, SD 57325

                                                            (w) 605-234-3433 (c) 605-680-0085



LEPC Haz-mat Coordinator         Bill Byre

                                                            PO Box 121

                                                            Oacoma, SD 57365


Emergency Contact                    Brule County Sheriff’s Office

                                                            911 or 605-734-4444


Information Contact                   Mitchell 911 Dispatch

                                                            911 for emergency

                                                            Non Emergency 1-605-995-8400


Emergency Manager                   Katheryn Benton

                                                            See above


Vice – Chairman                         Frank Scott (Chief)

                                                            Kimball Police Department

                                                            PO Box 164

                                                            Kimball, SD 57355



Secretary                                 Deb Hopkins

                                                            Central Dakota Times – Editor/Owner

                                                            PO Box 125

                                                            Chamberlain, SD 57325

                                                            (w) 605-234-0266







Section 2


Law                                  Darrell Miller (Sheriff)

                                                            Brule County Sheriff Department

                                                            201 West Kellam

                                                            Chamberlain, SD 57325

                                                            (w) 605-734-4443



                                                            Frank Scott

                                                            Kimball Police Department

                                                            See Vice Chairman


                                                            Wayne Willman (Sheriff)

                                                            Buffalo County Sheriff Department

                                                            PO Box 115        

                                                            Gann Valley, SD 57341

                                                            (w) 605-293-3231



                                                            Scott Shields                            

Crow Creek Police Dept.

                                                            PO Box 110

                                                            Ft. Thompson, SD 57351

                                                            (w) 605-245-2351


                                                            Pat Duffy

                                                            Superintendent BIA

                                                            125 Main

                                                            PO Box 139

                                                            Ft. Thompson, SD 57339






Commissioners                            Lloyd Lutter

                                                            Buffalo County Commissioner

                                                            HC1 Box 2

                                                            Gann Valley, SD 57341

                                                            (w) 605-293-3229


                                                            Danita Loudner

                                                            Buffalo County Commissioner

                                                            PO Box 94

                                                            Fort Thompson, SD 57339

                                                            (w) 605-245-1522



                                                            Donald Reinesch

                                                            Brule County Commissioner

                                                            25625 365th Ave

                                                            Kimball, SD 57355



Hospital                                     Don DeBoer

Mid-Dakota Hospital

                                                            300 South Byron Blvd

                                                            Chamberlain, SD 57325

                                                            (w) 605-234-5511  


Ken Anderson

Mid-Dakota Hospital

                                                            300 South Byron Blvd

                                                            Chamberlain, SD 57325

                                                            (w) 605-234-5511



                                                            Avery Thompson

                                                            Crow Creek Health Board

                                                            PO Box 259

                                                            Ft. Thompson, SD 57339




Reservation                               Tommy Thompson

                                                            EM  Crow Creek Sioux Tribe

                                                            Po Box 50

                                                            Ft. Thompson, SD 57339




Transportation                           Ken Wulff

                                                            Buffalo County Highway Dept.

                                                            PO Box 136

                                                            Gann Valley, SD 57341

                                                            (w) 605-293-3263


                                                            Shannon Rasmussen

                                                            Brule County Highway Dept.

                                                            PO Box 95

                                                            Kimball, SD 57325

                                                            (w) 605-778-6259



Fire                                          Lee Pawlowski (Chief)

                                                Gann Valley Fire Department

                                                            HCR 2 Box 19                                                    

                                                            Gann Valley, SD 57341



                                                            Gary Dominiack (Chief)

                                                            Chamberlain/Oacoma Fire Department

                                                            PO Box 135

                                                            Oacoma, SD 57365

                                                            (w) 605-234-5696



Roger Burfeindt (1st Asst. Chief)

                                                            Chamberlain/Oacoma Fire Department

                                                            114 Summit Dr.

 PO Box 451

                                                            Chamberlain, SD 57325

                                                            (w) 605-734-6556



                                                            Kurt Kelsey (2nd Asst. Chief)

                                                            Chamberlain/Oacoma Fire Department

                                                            PO Box 52

                                                            Oacoma, SD

                                                            (w) 605-734-5584


                                                            Don Bogenhagen (Chief)

                                                            Kimball Fire Department

                                                            PO Box 457

                                                            Kimball, SD 57355

                                                            (w) 605-778-6221



                                                            Darin Chmela (Asst. Chief)

                                                            Kimball Fire Department

                                                            PO Box 132

                                                            Kimball, SD 57355

                                                            (w) 605-778-6853


Kevin Haskins

                                                            PO Box 419

                                                            Kimball, SD 57355

                                                            (w) 605-734-6051



                                                            Jerry Wingert (Chief)

                                                            Pukwana Fire Department

                                                            622 Main St.

                                                            Pukwana, SD 57370

                                                            (w) 605-734-6396



                                                            Eric Cole (Asst. Chief)

                                                            Pukwana Fire Department

                                                            35002 247th St.

                                                            Pukwana, SD 57370

                                                            (w) 605-778-6259




Game Fish and Parks                  Steve Rossow

                                                            Brule County

                                                            1550 East King Ave.

                                                            Chamberlain, SD 57325

                                                            (w) 605-734-4530



Mark Ohm

                                                            Buffalo County

                                                            1550 East King Ave.

                                                            Chamberlain, SD 57325

                                                            (w) 605-734-4528



U.S. Army Corp of Engineers      Keith Fink

                                                            HC 69 Box 74

                                                            Chamberlain, SD 57325



Ambulance                                 Maynard Konechne (EMT-B)

                                                            Kimball Ambulance

                                                            PO Box 326

                                                            Kimball, SD 57355

                                                            (w) 605-778-6939



                                                            Randy Juhnke (EMT-B)

Missouri Valley Ambulance

310 East Stearns

Chamberlain, SD 57325

(w) 605-234-5527


Tommy Thompson (Director)

                                                            Fort Thompson Ambulance

                                                            PO Box 409

                                                            Ft. Thompson, SD 57339

                                                            (w) 605-245-2345



                                                            Otis Dorn (Director)

                                                            Lower Brule Ambulance   

                                                            187 Oyate Circle

                                                            Lower Brule, SD 57548

                                                            (w) 605-473-5293 (f) 605-473-1058




Utilities                             Dusty Roskens

Central Electric

                                                            36413 251st St.

                                                            Kimball, SD 57355

                                                            (w) 1-800-477-2892


Wade Blasius

                                                            Aurora-Brule Rural Water System, Inc.

                                                            PO Box 140

                                                            Kimball, SD 57355

                                                            (w) 605-778-6110


                                                            Wes Shaub

                                                            NW Public Service

                                                            PO Box 639

                                                            Chamberlain, SD 57325

                                                            (w) 1-800-245-6977



                                                            Brad Mohror

                                                            Chamberlain City Water Plant

                                                            PO Box 66

                                                            Chamberlain, SD 57325

                                                            (e) 1-800-245-6977 (w) 605-734-4412


                                                            Gregg Powell (Engineer)

                                                            Chamberlain City

                                                            PO Box 66

                                                            Chamberlain, SD 57325

                                                            (w) 605-734-4400



Schools                                      Tim Mitchell (Superintendent)

                                                            Chamberlain School District 7-1

                                                            301 E. Kellam

                                                            Chamberlain, SD 57325

                                                            (w) 605-734-4477



Nancy Reinesch (Secretary)

                                                            Kimball School District 7-2

                                                            P.O. Box 479

                                                            Kimball, SD 57355

                                                            (w) 605-778-6231



                                                            Tom Thomas (Safety)

                                                            St. Joseph Indian School

                                                            1301 N. Main St.

                                                            Chamberlain, SD 57325

                                                            (w) 605-234-3364



                                                            Jennifer Long (Facilities Admin Asst.)

                                                            St. Joseph Indian School

                                                            1301 N. Main St.

                                                            Chamberlain, SD 57325




                                                            Katie Kirkie (Counselor)

Crow Creek Elementary School

P.O. Box 469

Ft. Thompson, SD 57339

(w) 605-245-2372


Ham Radio                               Scott Wagner

                                                904 N. Josephine

                                                Chamberlain, SD 57325



C.E.R.T.                                   Lisa Busack

                                                34848 245th St.

                                                Chamberlain, SD 57325

                                                (w) 605-234-4490







The use of and transportation of hazardous materials continues to increase in complexity. Each year new chemicals are introduced into commerce. From time to time, commodities already in commerce have been found to create previously unrecognized hazards or they have been found to create additional hazards to those originally noted and provided for.


It is deemed in the interest of the residents of Brule and Buffalo Counties to address the various problems associated with hazardous materials by organizing the Local Emergency Planning Committee. Also, by doing this, the counties would comply with federal law SARA Title III.


I.                   AUTHORITY AND REFERENCE


A.     South Dakota Compiled Law, Chapter 33-15

B.     Federal Laws and Regulations

C.     SARA Title III – 301 and 303


II.                PURPOSE


The purpose of the Local Emergency Planning Committee is to carry out the responsibilities set forth in SARA Title III and to assure that Brule and Buffalo Counties are in full compliance with the law.




The Brule and Buffalo County Local Emergency Planning Committee recognize the vulnerability of its residents and their property to any hazardous material situation. With the growing number of hazardous materials, the transportation of them becoming more complex, and the interstate system going through the counties along with users and warehouses of them, the Local Emergency Planning Committee is necessary to plan for and respond to any situation that may occur.




A.     The committee shall assist the local emergency manager with plans and evaluations of available resources for preparing for and responding to any man made or natural disaster, including potential Hazardous Materials incidents. It will ensure private and governmental compliance to Title III requirements including:


1.      Identification of facilities and hazardous materials substance transportation routes.

2.      Emergency response procedures, on-site and off-site.

3.      Designation of a community coordinator and facility coordinator to implement the plan.

4.      Emergency notification procedures.

5.      Methods for determining the occurrence of a release and the probable affected area and population.

6.      Description of community and industry emergency equipment and facilities and the identity of persons responsible for them.

7.      Evacuation plans.

8.      Descriptions and schedules of training sessions.

9.      Methods for exercising emergency response plans.


B.     Keep on file listings of hazardous materials of possible solutions to problems that may arise from hazardous materials being used, stored, or transported.

C.     Have an objective to improve coordination and communication resulting and returning any unstable situation to a stable condition in the shortest time in order to reduce loss of life, injury, and property damage.

D.     Track reporting of incidents from local level through state and federal levels of government.

E.      Keep local, state, and federal officials informed of activities in the hazardous materials area.

F.      Minimize the affects of a hazardous materials release on the environment.




A. Membership is open to anyone who is interested in serving and/or has knowledge of emergency response or hazardous materials. It should include elected local and state officials, law enforcement, ambulance, fire, emergency management, public health professionals, environmental groups, hospital and transportation officials, facilities’ representatives, community groups, and the media.

B.   Meetings: The Local Emergency Planning Committee will meet at least quarterly at the Brule County Courthouse or designated location.


      Notification: Public notification of all Local Emergency Planning Committee meetings will be published prior to all meetings in the Central Dakota Times. Yearly a public notice will be published in the above media informing the public on SARA Title III and address and telephone number of the Brule/Buffalo County Local Emergency Planning Committee.




Within the Committee, there shall be a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, and Secretary/Treasurer. Should the position of Chairman become vacant, the Vice-Chairman shall move into the Chairman position. The Committee then shall elect the position of a new Vice-Chairman. The Chairman or Vice-Chairman shall conduct all meetings. In the absence of the two, the Emergency Manager may conduct the meeting. The term of officers shall be on year. Elections will be held at the June meeting. Any officer shall be elected by a 2/3 majority vote of members present at the meeting.


Chair: The principal duties of the Chairman, the chief elected officer of the Committee, shall in general, supervise and control business affairs of the Committee. The Chair shall, when present, preside at the meetings of the members. The Chair may sign, with the Secretary, membership directories, deeds, mortgages, contracts, or other instruments which the members of the Committee has authorized to be executed. The Chair, shall perform all duties incident to the Chair, and such other duties prescribed by the members of the Committee.


Vice-Chair: The principal duties of the Vice-Chair shall be to serve as the Chair in the absence of the Chair and in the event of their inability to act. When so acting, the Vice-Chair shall have all the powers of and shall be subject to the restrictions upon the chair. The Vice-Chair, shall perform all other duties prescribed by the members of the Committee.


Secretary/Treasurer: The principal duties of the Secretary/Treasurer shall be to:

 1. Keep the minutes of meetings.

 2. Give notice of members as required by Bylaws.

 3. Keep a record of the mailing address for each member.

 4. Prepare the annual membership directory for filing with the state.

 5. Keep record of all finance records.

        The Secretary/Treasurer, shall perform all other duties prescribed by the

        Members of the Committee.


     VII         FINANCES


                    The Local Emergency Planning Committee may keep a checking account if   

                    no tax dollars are involved. All private funds available to the committee to 

                    carry out its responsibilities may be kept in a local bank with the Chairman

                    and Secretary/Treasurer authorized to sign checks. These funds may only be

                    used to promote functions of the Local Emergency Planning Committee.




                     Hazardous Materials shall be known as, but not limited to, the extremely

                     hazardous substance published in the Federal Registry, petroleum products

                     and products that could cause harm to life, environment, or property when

                     not controlled in its normal controllable containment.




        In the event of a hazardous materials incident, the Local Emergency Planning

                   Committee shall be notified by statute of county Hazardous Material Plan. In

                   Conjunction the State Department of Environment and Natural Resources, the

                   Division of Emergency Management must be notified.


     X.          AMENDMENTS


                    The by-laws may be changed as needed by the membership of the L.E.P.C.

                     In regular quarterly meeting by a majority of those present.




Revised 03/19/2008


Attest: ______________________ Chairman Brule/Buffalo County L.E.P.C.

             Katheryn Q. Benton

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