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Tri-County Pandemic Planning Group Contact Info:


Avera Community Clinic


Julie Friesz

Clinic Manager

Office: 605-234-6584

Fax: 605-234-5002

Email: julie.friesz@mckennan.org


Beth Schochenmaier

Lab Tech

Office: 605-234-6584

Fax: 605-234-5002

Email: beth.schochenmaier@mckennan.org


Lori Heath


Office: 605-234-6584

Fax: 605-234-5002

Email: lori.heath@mckennan.org


Brule/Buffalo County E.M. District


Katheryn Q. Benton

Emergency Manager

Office:  605-234-3433

Cell: 605-680-0085

Fax: 605-234-3433

Email: brbufem@midstatesd.net


Frank Scott

Vice Chair L.E.P.C.

Office: 605-778-6000

Fax: 605-778-6546

Email: kimballpolice@midstatesd.net


Casey Drug & Jewelry


Jim Bregel

Pharmacy Manager

Office: 605-734-5871 Option 2

Fax: 605-734-4245

Email: jbregel@midstatesd.net


Jim Butler


Office: 605-734-5871 Option 2

Fax: 605-734-4245

Email: medman@midstatesd.net


City of Chamberlain


Gregg Powell

City Engineer

Office: 605-234-4400

Fax: 605-894-4471

Email: chamberlaingp@midstatesd.net


Joe Hutmacher

Police Chief

Office: 605-234-4404

Fax: 605-234-4276

Email: chamberlainpd@midstatesd.net


Nicky Gaulke

Finance Officer

Office: 605-234-4401

Fax: n/a

Email: chamberlainng@midstatesd.net


Ft. Thompson Indian Health Service


CDR Bernard Long

Field Health Director

Office: 605-245-1540

Fax: 605-245-1542

Email: bernard.long@ihs.gov



CDR Robert Douville

Clinical Services Director

Office: 605-245-1514

Fax: 605-245-2150

Email: robert.douville@ihs.gov


Lower Brule Ambulance Service


Otis B. Doren


Office: 605-473-5293 or 605-473-5284

Fax: 605-730-1058

Email: lbasdirector@netscape.net


Elaine Johnson

Asst. Dir/EMT-Basic

Office: 605-473-5293

Fax: 605-473-1058

Email: siouxchic76@yahoo.com


Phyllis Wright

Sec./Billing Clerk

Office: 605-473-5293

Fax: n/a

Email: phyllissright@yahoo.com


Lower Brule Indian Health Service


Michael Ryan

Health Education

Office: 605-473-5526

Fax: 605-473-0828

Email: mike.ryan@ihs.gov


Georgia Amiotte


Office: 605-473-8248

Fax: n/a

Email: Georgia.Amiotte@ihs.gov


Louis Gangone


Office: 605-473-5526

Fax: 605-473-0828

Email: louis.gangone@ihs.gov


Lower Brule Sioux Tribe E.M.


Larry Jandreau

Emergency Manager

Office: 605-473-5532

Fax: 605-473-0173

Email: lbstfm@gwtc.net


Lyman County E.M.


Steve Manager

Emergency Manager

Office: 605-869-2266

Fax: 605-869-2276

Email: deputy.manger@lymancoso.org


Jim Anderson

Assoc. Pres. Lyman Amb.

Office: 605-869-2440

Fax: n/a

Email: skyking1_jim@yahoo.com


Sanford Mid-Dakota Medical Center


Dawn Konstanz RN

Bioterrorism Coordinator

Office: 605-234-5511

Fax: 605-234-7149

Email: konstand@sanfordhealth.org


Maureen Cadwell


Office: 605-234-7120

Fax: 605-234-7118

Email: cadwellm@sanfordhealth.org


Jayson Pullman


Office: 605-234-7121

Fax: 605-234-7149

Email: pullmanj@sanfordhealth.org


Donn DeBoer


Office: 605-234-7103

Fax: 605-234-7184

Email: deboerd@sanfordhealth.org









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